Early in February, a student reporter at Temple University, Marybeth Gerdlemann approached me about doing a story for Refine Magazine’s self-care issue. I teach meditation to students and community members at Temple’s IBC and have introduced a few techniques to my students to help them settle into their own home meditation practice.

There are three parts to my classes, the first is pranayma, a breathing practice, the second is a guided meditation, and the third is savasana. This semester we’ve done breathing practices where we have elongated our inhales and exhales for a five-count, we’ve practiced breath retention, and we’ve experimented with alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana) and skull-shining breath (kapalabhati pranayama). In our guided meditations we’ve sat with mantras and positive affirmations, and I’ve also guided my students through visualization exercises, leaving them in savasana to soak up the benefits of the practice.

You can read the full story, here in Refine Magazine.

In a world that takes so much of us, we will always have our breath. Whitagram-Image

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